Why Sponsor StepCorrectNy?

Head turning choreography and rhythmic hip hop beats characterize the phenomenon known as StepCorrectny. Imagine a symphony of hip hop vibrations and finessed steps, trots, and stomps and you have just begun to experience a premier event that connects with the growing multicultural urban market. This signature event remains unmatched in its ability to attract and engage the over 2.9 million African-American and over 2 million Latinos enrolled in college. StepCorrectNy’s outreach to this multicultural college market provides a powerful promotional tool for connecting to and communicating with this diverse consumer base.

StepCorrectNy enjoys strong brand recognition within this diverse and multicultural consumer group. Over the past 15 years nearly 220,000 consumers attended StepCorrectNy events and we annually execute over 300,000 “Hand to Hand” on campus student impressions. While our on-site audience is comprised of primarily African-American and Latino college students, our reach extends to a growing high school and elementary school audience.

StepCorrectNy offers a rich media mix of internet marketing – e-blasts, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Vine, radio, flyers, posters, premium distribution, print, and onsite exposure. We expect to achieve nearly 100,000 total impressions utilizing this media plan. Our “signature” promotions strategy features a “Dorm to Dorm” – “Hand to Hand” promotion that directly delivers a sponsor’s brand right to the college campus population. StepCorrectNy marketing is bolstered by our e-mail list of over 15,000 Step Correct ticket purchasers. StepCorrectNy will award over $50,000 dollars in cash prizes to fraternal organizations involving sponsors in a nation-wide community service effort.

StepCorrectNy is a high-energy and highly memorable experience that can deliver a boost to your target market objects! Call StepCorrectNy at 718-809-6209 for more information about StepCorrectNy sponsorships.