Rules & Regulations


  • Each team will be selected by the StepCorrect selection panel to compete in the tournament.
  • Each team will receive compensation for their participation in the StepCorrect New Years Day Show.  The compensation will be determined between StepCorrect and the step mistress /step master, each team will receive their compensation immediately following the show or no more than 30 days after.
  • In order to receive compensation your team/members must:

A) Promote the StepCorrect New Years Day Show via all social media outlets available to them. Example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  This process will help the team as well sense there is a crowd participation category in the judging process.

B) Provide a 1-2 min. Youtube video link outlining who you are and why your team will win the StepCorrect New Years Day Show.  (no profanity will be excepted)

  • Teams can consist of undergraduate, graduate or alumni members of your organization; there are no restrictions.
  • There will be one judge from each of the (9) fraternal organizations. StepCorrect reserves the right to select the judges for the panel. In some regions, there may be only (8) judges.
  • The overall step performance category of the judging criteria will allow for scoring reductions for profanity and sexually explicit material.
  • Each team will have a total of 12 minutes to perform including the Intro and Exit step. The clock starts when the first member steps in full view of the judges and time keeper and/or when the music, video or vocals start. Four points will be deducted for each minute over 12 minutes.
  • The high and low score will be eliminated and the highest average wins.
  • If music and/or video is included in your show each team must have all music cued on one CD & video cued on one DVD.
  • Two people should be assigned to instruct the sound/lighting & video person during the performance.
  • All stage props must be approved by StepCorrect, no team is allowed to call the venue for any reason. Five points will be deducted. No fire products will be allowed.
  • All teams must report to the venue between 2 – 3 pm for set up and stage walk through.
  • If a team member is found to be grossly un-sportsmanlike causing a disruption to the show, the team will be disqualified.
  • The step team assumes all risk in its performance of all activities authorized by this agreement and is responsible for all actions whatsoever committed by your team that may cause harm or injury to persons or property.
  • The step team agrees to allow Producer to film the Step show performances for television presentation.
  • Step team releases all television rights to Step Correct, Inc. and understands that this step show may be broadcast on any TV platform or and other distribution platforms.
  • In the event the team cannot perform, the Producer must be notified 2 weeks prior to the event. In the event this notification is not given, the Step team agrees to pay Producer the amount of $500.00 dollars. This will cover the cost of finding a replacement team under short notice.
  • Rules may change based on the tournament show
  • Your registration is your team’s commitment to the show.  The final team & prop list must be E-MAILED to and no later than 12/13/13. Your team must meet this deadline in order to be in the show.